What if you could create your own TV show that expands your influence, shares your message and builds your credibility…in ONE DAY

…Even if you don’t have on-camera experience

We will teach you the exact strategies, tactics and mindsets you need to film and produce a full season of episodes that leverages your expertise and enhances your credibility with a wider audience.

You’ll get to film your content in a day then launch it to YouTube, Apple TV, Vimeo, Facebook or your own platform for the world to see!

Mission Control Studios Helps Entrepreneurs Create Content To Leverage Their Expertise, Maximize Freedom and Expand Their Impact In The World

A Full Season of Your Own Show

Imagine filming for a day and walking away with 12-13 episodes for your online channel, YouTube, Vimeo or Apple TV?

In one deep dive studio day, we’ll record your content and edit it into a series of shows around 5-8 minutes each. This timeframe is ideal for online viewing so you can take advantage of today’s fastest growing media outlet. 

Released all at once or dripped out over time, you’ll have pro content for your audience ready when you need it.

Work With A Team That Makes It Fun and Easy

From concept to outline to press release to production, we’ll ensure you get the coaching and the professional support to make it happen.

You can choose to utilize one or multiple sets, and you can do as many outfit changes as you wish. In our initial consultations, we’ll map out your content and episodes, plus help you decide the best fit for your set and wardrobe.

What’s Included In Your Studio Package

60-Minute Strategy Consultation – You’ll hop on the phone with us for an hour to work together to understand your market, your expertise, your tone & personality, and key topics to map out your episodes

Concept, Outline and Graphics – We’ll help you create your production concept, organization of content and the graphics/video effects to complement your message

Your Choice Of Set Design + Props  – We have several different, versatile sets for you to use for your production. Ranging from contemporary to traditional to industrial, we can help you decide what’s best—OR we can create a new set for you if you have something else in mind. With props, backgrounds and lighting at our fingertips, we can design around YOU.

Pre-Production Checklist + Call  – Before you arrive, we’ll make sure you’ll fully prepared with your script, your wardrobe, your health & well-being and your video assets so that when you arrive, we hit the ground running!

Your Live Filming Day – Actually, you really get a day and a half: we’ll set up the day before so you have a half day to come to the studio, view the set, get comfortable in the space and rehearse. Then you’ll get the full day to shoot your production!

Intro, Theme and Music – Our team will help you with selecting the appropriate theme, intro and motion graphics that compliments the personality of your show

Editing & Post Production – We’ll edit everything to make sure you look & sound fantastic

Press Release – We’ll write and syndicate a press release about your show to help you spread the word

60-minute Follow Up Consultation – To make sure you’re set, we’ll meet once more on the phone to review your materials and plan for publishing. We can guide you on optimizing your YouTube Channel or other channels and getting the message out to your target audience.

Package Pricing

We can flex with your budget. Or grab a friend and take advantage of our group option!

Inquire today and we can jump on the phone with you to answer your questions and decide what’s a fit for your goal.

Option 1

1-Pay of $4,500*

Option 2

3-Payments of $1,600*

Group Package (4 or more)


*Prices above include a $500 setup fee to prepare your set, lighting and props the day before you shoot. This gives you the opportunity to also come in, get comfortable and rehearse to make the most of your film day. Should you want to change the sets, utilize multiple sets, add cameras, props or special lighting, we’ll work with you to design what you want and provide a quote. 

We want to help you create and launch your message to the world.

Creating a series of shows that benefits your audience and grows your business takes a considerable investment of time and resources.

The last thing you want is to see yourself on camera and think, “Ugh, that doesn’t look great…” and feel stuck with something you don’t feel inspired about.

We’ve been working with speakers, trainers, authors, musicians and organizations for over a decade helping them produce professional results. Because it’s not just about having the right equipment. It’s also knowing how to organize, edit and launch a final product that’s a success. Connect with us to learn how we can help you make it happen!

More than just looking good…it’s about launching a finished product you’re proud of.

That means we work with you in a 4-step process when you invest in one of our packages: Prep, Production, Post-Production & Launch.

When you show up to the studio, we’ve already worked together to clarify your tone, messaging, script, outfits, set design and post-production assets. You arrive, we maximize your time on camera and then we edit to produce your end result. Finally, we follow up to make sure you have everything you need to take it out to the world using the best mediums for your target audience.