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How do I get to the studio?

If you’re flying, you’ll fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, which is about 15-20 min drive from the studio. The studio is surrounded by hotels, restaurants, shopping areas and popular area attractions. If you’re driving, you’ll navigate to 9831 S. 51st St., Phoenix, AZ.

We’re located in Suite E-125.

Do I plan for a day to prep and a day to shoot...?

Yes. Typically if you’ve reserved the studio for a day of filming, we’ll set up the day before (usually takes 1/2 day), and you have the opportunity to come and get acquainted before shooting.

What do I need to prepare beforehand?

Glad you asked! As part of your studio package, you’ll receive a Pre-Production Kit. This covers everything from helping you choose scene transitions, music, wardrobe, lighting, equipment and props to reviewing your script(s). We’ll provide a “Pre-Flight Checklist” and be sure you have what you need before you arrive. That way, we make the most of your time instead of getting lost in the weeds.