What if you had 3 days to enjoy a luxury mastermind getaway AND walk away with your social media videos, signature interview and online course COMPLETED?

…With personal coaching, group feedback and an elite production team supporting you!

You’ll get the exact strategies, tactics and feedback you need as you film and produce a packaged set of video content that gives you credibility, authority and profit-making material for your business in 3 DAYS.

You’ll get to film your content, get creative input and leave with everything you need to launch for the world to see!

Mission Control Studios Helps Entrepreneurs Create Content To Leverage Their Expertise, Maximize Freedom and Expand Their Impact In The World 

A Mastermind Retreat That Makes It Easy to Be Productive

What if you could pull back from the day-to-day hustle, get away to a luxury resort, have the company of like-minded professionals to bounce ideas off of, and produce the media content you need to enhance your brand…in 72 hours?

Not only are you able to create what you need in a short period of time, but you can relax and rejuvenate in between filming sessions so you’re fresh and at your best.

Because you’re with a small group, you’ll benefit from one-on-one support as well as group feedback. This “takes the pressure off” so you can learn and improve rapidly as you complete your content.

Work With Pros That Have Marketing Expertise

Your masterclass facilitators, Richard and Chelsea, have over 26 years of combined experience working with entrepreneurs in digital marketing and video production. From concept to outline to press release to production, we’ll ensure you get the coaching and the professional support to create content you are PROUD of.

You’re not just getting studio time; you’re getting consulting, strategy, masterminding and insider tips from two professionals that have a track record of success with some of the best marketers in the business.

You Get Insider Tips, Mastermind Support and A Gameplan

The average studio will charge you $5K – $10K for several hours of filming and production to create one media piece, like a commercial, a promo interview or a course.

With the 3 Day Media Masterclass package, you get 3x the deliverables…and expert support to help you prepare, deliver and publish to make sure the results pay for themselves.

A Signature Interview

Day 1

Imagine filming your signature interview produced to highlight your expertise, position you as an authority in your market and ensure you look fantastic. 

Prior to arrival, we’ll work with you to write a script that makes you shine. Then, in the first deep dive studio day, we’ll record this signature video so you can use it to immediately connect with your audience on  your homepage, landing pages, and across your media channels.  

You’ll also get to learn from the group. Limited to 6 hand-selected participants, you’ll get to receive and offer creative support to ensure your presentation is compelling. You’ll have time to incorporate feedback and gain inspiration for Day 2.

A Series of Social Media Videos

Day 2

Having pro-looking video content for your social media immediately adds a touch of class and credibility to your brand. But having the time, resources and technical setup to make those videos can be a hurdle.

In Day 2 of your Media Masterclass, you’ll be able to create a series of 6-8 short form videos optimized for social media. We’ll help you organize your content, create punchy messages and deliver with confidence.

An Online Course or Video Training

Day 3

With 2 days of video completed, you’ll be set for camera time that gives you the real juice: a money-making or lead generation tool to grow your business.

Whether you want a “front-end” product to enhance your existing business offerings, add value to your current customers, or create training to steamline your processes…we’ve got you covered in Day 3.

This is the “meat” of the 3-day package, and why we have it set for your final day when you’ve had time to relax, get comfortable, brainstorm ideas with the group and prepare.

You’ll get 2 full hours to record a longer-form video or a series of 3-4 shorter videos (i.e. for a course) that expands your product line or marketing funnel. 

What’s Included In Your 3-Day Media Masterclass

• 2 60-Minute Strategy Consultations – You’ll hop on the phone with us for 2 sessions prior to the Masterclass to work together to understand your market, your expertise, your tone & personality, and key topics to map out your content.

• Media Training – Both prior to arrival and during your Masterclass, we’ll guide you on how to look great on camera, how to be interviewed and offer tips and tricks to engage your audience. Plus, you’ll have a professional makeup artist on hand to get you camera-ready. When you start filming, you’ll look like you have experience participating on several television shows and interviews, saving you tens of thousands of dollars, outsourced production teams, time and energy.

• Concept, Outline and Graphics – We’ll help you create your production concept, organization of content and the graphics/video effects to complement your message

• Multi-set Production  – We have 5 different, versatile sets for you to use for your production, resulting in videos that look like you’ve been in multiple studios. Ranging from contemporary to traditional to industrial, we can help you decide what’s best to suit your content. With props, backgrounds and lighting at our fingertips, we can design around YOU.

• Pre-Production Checklist – Before you arrive, we’ll make sure you’ll fully prepared with your script, your wardrobe, your health & well-being and your video assets so that when you arrive, we hit the ground running!

• A Relaxed Atmosphere – Our studio is located near Arizona Grand Resort, so it’s a lovely area to walk, relax and brainstorm in between sessions. There are several other hotels nearby as well, so you can stay conveniently close and have everything easily accessible.

• Mastermind “Hot Seats” with Q&A – As part of an intimate group, during the Masterclass we’ll have hot seats to help prepare you, give you ideas and inspire new possibilities from your production.

• 3 Live Filming Days – Actually, you really get 3 and a half days: we’ll set up the day before so you have a half day to come to the studio, view the set, get comfortable in the space and rehearse. You’ll have an evening to relax and connect with the group. Then you’ll be ready for the next 3 days to film!

• Intro, Theme and Music – Our team will help you with selecting the appropriate theme, intro and motion graphics that compliments the personality of your brand.

• Editing & Post Production – We’ll edit everything to make sure you look & sound fantastic. Since you’ll have sent us your media assets prior to filming, we’ll edit while you are here, so you leave with your files set. Note: Should you require additional editing or changes, we can quote you for additional post-production services.  

• 60-minute Follow Up Consultation – To make sure you’re set, we’ll meet once more on the phone to review your materials and plan for publishing. We can guide you on optimizing your YouTube Channel or other channels and getting the message out to your target audience.

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*Prices above include a $500 setup fee to prepare your set, lighting and props the day before you shoot. This gives you the opportunity to also come in, get comfortable and rehearse to make the most of your film day. It also includes your accommodations at the resort for 4 nights!

We want to help you create and launch your message to the world.

Creating a series of professional media content that benefits your audience and grows your business takes a considerable investment of time and resources.

The last thing you want is to see yourself on camera and think, “Ugh, that doesn’t look great…” and feel stuck with something you don’t feel inspired about.

We’ve been working with speakers, trainers, authors, musicians and organizations for over a decade helping them produce professional results. Because it’s not just about having the right equipment. It’s also knowing how to organize, edit and launch a final product that’s a success.

More than just looking good…it’s about launching a finished product you’re proud of.

That means we work with you in a 4-step process when you invest in the 3-Day Media Masterclass: Prep, Production, Post-Production & Launch.

When you show up to the studio, we’ve already worked together to clarify your tone, messaging, script, outfits, set design and post-production assets. You arrive, we maximize your time on camera and then we edit to produce your end result.

Finally, we follow up to make sure you have everything you need to take it out to the world using the best mediums for your target audience.